1)  William from Louisville, Mississippi:  "The salesman was very thorough and explained all the features of the car."

  2)  Rene from Starkville, Mississippi:  "Everyone was very professional and friendly...easy to talk with the sales personnel."

  3)  Stephanie from Sturgis, Mississippi:  "Loved how they were willing to put the customer and their needs first."

  4)  Rex from Starkville, Mississippi:  "The dealer worked very hard to locate the vehicle that I wanted.  They expressed to us a genuine interest in making us happy.  They were NOT pushy!"

  5)  Hulon from Calhoun City, Mississippi:  "The employees at Bullock Toyota were very friendly and did all they could.  They actually went above and beyond at times to  help my husband and me find the right car for our family."

  6)  Dorothy from Kosciusko, Mississippi:  "Very convenient.  I did not leave my house to make this purchase."

  7)  Bobby from Pontotoc, Mississippi:  "They did exactly what they said they would do and there were no surprises or hidden costs."

  8)  Brenda from Ackerman, Mississippi:  "I felt like I was being reated like a member of a family not a number."

  9)  Carolyn from Ackerman, Mississippi:  "They listened to me and what my needs were in a car and in the price.  I was very satisfied.  Mr. Bullock came to me and thanked  me so much for buying from them and told me if I needed anything to let them know"

10)  Johnna from Louisville, Mississippi:  "The salesman was very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and helpful.  I went to the dealership several times before  I purchased the car and he was always considerate and courteous."

11Clemmisa from Louisville, Mississippi:  "The aspect of the experience that I enjoyed the most were the positive attitudes of the staff."

12Irvin from Starkville, Mississippi:  "I liked being dealt with like family.  We always feel like we come first in the dealing."

13Mary from Kosciusko, Mississippi:  "The presentation, explanation of the facts, and concern for my understanding were the best I have ever encountered when purchasing a vehicle."

14)  Patricia:  "The product presentation was GREAT and the sales person really did a great job and I would recommend it to my family and friends.  This was the best  experience buying a car in many years of car buying!!"

15)  Trey:  "This is the best car dealer in the world.  The friendliest staff I recommend them every chance I have.  I speak across the country and I will continue to  praise Toyota and the Bullock Toyota team everywhere I go."

16Sue:  "Both the salesmen we dealt with were VERY knowledgeable about the car and all its features.  Both of them could explain in detail about the new features on our new vehicle.  They were courteous and professional in all of their responses to our questions and concerns."

17Dave:  "The negotiation only took 20 minutes over the phone and resulted in a better price than we negotiated in 5 hours at another dealership."

18Jeff:  "The service department was very professional and I am completely satisfied.  They are an OUTSTANDING department and aim to please the customer."

19Katrina:  "Bullock Toyota has been wonderful.  From the sales staff to the service department I have been VERY pleased!!"

20Melvin:  "They are great when it comes to changing your oil.  They come to pick up my vehicle for me and that helps so much.  I love this place."

21Rex:  "I love the service Bullock Toyota provides.  They pick up my car while I am at work and then return it to me!"

22Ramona:  "Bullock Toyota is always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I was even given a complimentary car wash!"

23Marc:  "I am very satisfied with the service department at Bullock Toyota.  They are a very helpful staff.  They always see that you get quality service work done on  your vehicle at all times."

24Robert:  "As always, the service at Bullock Toyota was OUTSTANDING! I'm so glad there are still people who focus on Customer Service and ensuring EACH customer's vehicular needs are completely met."

25Charles from Carthage, Mississippi:  "We got just what we wanted at a price we could afford.  Our situation was not the best but they worked it out for us."

26Patrick from Kosciusko, Mississippi:  "Everything!  A quality truck from a First Class Dealer!"

27Kenneth from Louisville, Mississippi:  "They were interested in our needs and we were very pleased to be able to purchase locally - this is very important to us.  They wanted our local business as well as the business of out of town patrons - very refreshing."

28Lindsey from Starkville, Mississippi:  "The honesty and integrity of the employees."